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About Us

Navillera Korean Dance company was established by artistic director/Korean dancer/instructor Heerin Kim in April 2017. She also founded the non-profit organization #1080658-7 – Navillera Korean Performing Arts Development(NKPAD) in May 2018 for education and performance arts in many different areas such as dance and music etc.

We are the first professional studio in Toronto that teaches Korean traditional dance since we moved to this current location in September 2019. Our dedication is to train many talented dancers working with the best professionals.

Hee Rin Kim

Founder & Director

Hee Rin Kim has been danced more than 35 years since she was 10 years old. She was born in Seoul and grew up until she came to Canada after her marriage. In Korea, she graduated from Sungeui Women University with a Korean dance degree then moved onto Yejun Dance Company to perform and train students at Jungkyung Dance Ecole located in Daechi-dong in Seoul. After she moved to Canada, she’s been a member of KDSSC for 16 years since 2000 and has experienced various performances and choreographies. After all, she established Navillera Korean Dance Company in April 2017.

Recent History

Sep, 2019

Navillera Dance Studio Open

Oct 13, 2018

Performance at Toronto Centre for Arts - Nirvana the Connected Oneness

Aug, 2018

Found Navillera Korean Performing Arts Development (NKPAD) - Non-profit organization

Apr 28, 2018

Performance at Fairbiew Library Theatre - Uwoolim

  • Choi Jong-Sil style Sogo-Chum, Jainchug, Lee Mae-Bang style Salpuri trained with Man Jin-Soo, Mentor
  • Kim Sook-Ja style Dosalpuri trained with Lee Jung-Hee, The Chief Successor of Its Style
  • Korean-Canadian dance form directed by Mi Young Kim
  • Arts diploma in Korean traditional dance
  • Ballet/Modern dance as 2nd major
  • Formal training in the very mainstream of Korean traditional dances
    - Salpuri and Taepyungmu in Han Young-Sook style
    - Jindobukchum in Park Byung-Chun style
  • Classical ballet
  • Modern dance
  • Korean traditional dance
  • Running professional development, Community dance programs
  • Developing the project of combining Salpurichum (a Korean traditional dance) and Surya Namaskar (Yoga, Sun salutation)
  • Teaching adults and youths classes Korean traditional/modern dances and creative work
  • Showcasing students group in various community festivals and gatherings such as Korean thanksgiving festivals in Mel-Lastman Square
  • Choreographies for Mi Young Kim dance company:
    - 2011: Journey
    - 2010: In a beauty
    - 2006: Gong-Mu-Do-Ha-Ga
  • Choregraphies for solo pieces
    - 2005: Farewell
  • Actively engaged in Korean-Canadian cultural scene as one of the leading professionals
  • Performed as a part of Dance Weekend hosted by Dance Ontario, Sooryu Dance Festival and Mi Young Kim Dance
  • Company’s presentations in various community celebrations
  • Venues: Toronto Centre for the Arts, Fleck Dance Theatre (Premier Dance Theatre), Betty Oliphant Theatre, Richmond
  • Hill Centre for the Performing Arts, Harbourfront Centre, etc.
  • Taught Professional Developmemt programs
  • $9,700 – travelled to Korea and trained with Mun Jin-Soo inherited Lee Mae-Bang style Salpuri, Sogo Dance, Jaeinchung
  • $6,500 – travelled to Korea and trained with Lee Jung-Hee, the chief successor of Dosalpuri in Kim Sook-Ja Style
  • Best prize
  • Grand Prize, Salpuri in Han Young-Sook Style
  • Grand Prize, Short Salpuri in Han Young-Sook Style
  • Gold Medal, Janggochum
  • Creative Group Work with musician Young Jik Kim
  • Creative Solo Work
  • 8th Sooryu Dance Festival
  • Korean dance performances and costume show
  • Co-work with Mi Young Kim Dance Company and Artcal Ryu Art Company from Korea
  • Featuring the dynamics of both Korean traditional and contemporary dances along with martial arts
  • Part of 60 Years’ Rhythm and Movements celebrating Mi Young Kim’s 60’s anniversary of dance life
  • Worked with Peter Chin and co-created with Gui Rhan Choi
  • An event celebrating the friendship between Korea and Canada
  • with Mi Young Kim Dance Company
  • 6th Sooryu Dance Festival
  • 4th Sooryu Dance Festival
  • 3th Sooryu Dance Festival
  • 2th Sooryu Dance Festival
  • 1th Sooryu Dance Festival
  • A multicultural dance event that served as a model of Sooryu Dance Festival
  • Part of the celebration of Mi Young Kim’s 50th anniversary of dance life

Introducing Kohortra

We are on Youtube! Creating a new home training content that combines Korean dance basics and yoga is another journey at Navillera. Please check us out here!

Dance with us

Have questions? Please feel free to reach out to us for anything about Navillera Korean Dance Company.

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Navillera Korean Dance Company
55 Doncaster Ave #210, Thornhill, Ontario L3T 1L6, Canada
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